Do you have any doubt why they call “WOMAN AS SHAKTI?” 

Let me tell you few incidences of my life which make me believe on WOMAN AS SHAKTI


She failed in her 12th for 3 times.

Suffered from severe depression.

Took some other stream and passed with flying colors


And just when she thought life will be good from there, with life unveiled its plans.

Our dad suffers from Heart attack and to cure him, a lot of money, efforts and time were spent by our mother.

Through all these times, My sister became my mother and father.


We managed our house for more than 10 months without our parent’s intervention, financially as well as physically.

She made food, she managed house and expenses with a little help of me.


After he was cured, I moved to another town for study purpose, when another storm hit us. My mother suffered from excessive blood incontinence and it was life threatening.

Again my sister filled in the shoes of “Lady of the House”.

Took care of my mother, father and the relatives that came to visit mother.


Today we live in a much better place. Our parents just celebrated their 25 years of together and every one of us knows what the character my sister possess.

In her 23 years, she suffered more than I ever knew. She surprised me by showing that strength. That character. That selflessness. Indian philosophy often refers WOMAN AS SHAKTI, the strength.

Whenever I see my sister, “I understand that WOMAN STRENGTH IS LIMITLESS.”


Author: Abhishek