Why is there so much hatred in the world?

Every day I meet new people, connect with them and try to understand them. Surprisingly they all have some kind of hatred in their heart. Some people are wasting time in criticizing others while some have a sharp brain but yet full of negativity.


Here I am just mentioning few of my conversation.


Me: Why you are not going to X mother’s funeral?

He: X didn’t attend on my mother funeral (philosophy of tit for tat).


Me: Why you never talk with your neighbors?

He: They are not good. (We believe on negative things without verifying)

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Me: Why you didn’t help Mr. X?

He: X didn’t help me. (Self-centred)


Me: Why you always complain about Mr. X?

He: Because he is stupid and idiot. (Have a bucket of abusing words)


Gandhi once said, “An Eye for an Eye Only Ends up Making the Whole World Blind.” And people are just doing the opposite of his thinking.

And I think if you want to live hatred free then you need to follow his philosophy.


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