What is wrong with the Indian education system? || A talk by Professor H. C. Verma

A few years back I attended a talk by Professor H. C. Verma, the author of famous book “Concepts of Physics”. He told an imaginary story to demonstrate what is wrong with the education system.

The story was:

There was a school with KG class. In English book of their curriculum, there was a line, “Father carries bag to the office.”

All the students were taught the same. However, there was one student who had always seen his father carrying a laptop to the office. In the test, he wrote, “Father carries a laptop to the office.”

He was awarded 0 marks and scolded by the teacher. These type of incidents kept happening with him where he had to give up his innovative ideas and accept whatever was expected to be written in the exam. When these students join for higher education, we have to ask them to develop innovative thinking.

Professor said, “This is the problem with education system today. From childhood, innovative skills are murdered by the system. Minds are made to believe in whatever is in the printed form.

“We need to change the system and encourage innovation at the grass root level.”

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Author: Rohit Prabhat

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