Three question you should ask to yourself…

21st century human is living with many questions in his mind. Questions about technology, about finance or career. But do you know we human always ask questions to other people and never ask to ourselves. It is reality that with the growth of technology we are complicating our life. So here are the three questions which you should ask to yourself to solve your complex life and make it lifestyle.question-mark

1. Why I am doing this? : There are many things to do. One moment I want to be an engineer and on another moment I think about doctor, ohh!! sorry I think banker would be better choice for my life. We always surround our life with a single damm question “what I want to become” but life is not about what it’s about why. You can never enjoy your life until you know why, why are you doing this.

2. Where I am going now or later? : Let suppose Indian cricket team got a target of 300 runs in 50 over. I believe they will never reach the target until they don’t plan about their first 10 over or 30 over. Once you have identified your vision by the help of first question then plan your mission. Don’t get diversified. Work with enthusiasm.

3. How do we improve in what we are doing? : “I can do 200 pushups” one of my friend told to me. First I didn’t believe. I thought he is kidding with me. I told him to hit the ground with 200 pushups and he did it. That was unbelievable. In very surprised mood I asked him “how you did it?” He replied “this is all about regular practice and improvement.” It was started from one then 50 now it’s 200. Work on your plan then analyze it. Improve it and continue the process.


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