She has dreams and he has resilience || Real life story

She has dreams and he has resilience || Real life story

So this happened when I went to IIT-Mumbai for a presentation.

We were going to Marine drive from Powai, so it was a long drive.

As always the driver and I started talking, discussing everything from IPL to Modiji.

I, being a story digger, out of curiosity asked him if he has any interesting story to tell.

“I have one, sir”.

“Great!!!Let’s hear it then”


Sir, I was 16 and she was 15. We loved each other even before we knew what love actually is and our family obviously didn’t permit us for it. Hence we planned and ran away and somehow landed in Bombay.


Our parents, Brothers, Friends everyone were obviously angry and somehow they found us here sleeping on streets and barely surviving. What followed next was one of the horrible moments in mine and her life. We were treated like animals, sir. We were being slapped, getting kicked in between legs, were spat on, forced to eat bad food.


They did everything that was possible for them to separate us, but again we escaped.
We both knew that life will be difficult for us, from here on. Yet, somehow we gathered courage and believed each other.


We ran away to Delhi. We were forced to sleep on streets, eat whatever was available. By god’s grace, soon I got a job at a Grocery store and admitted her to a government school and a girl’s PG, which took 90% of my salary. The reason was


She has dreams and I has resilience


My hard-work and loyalty soon were noticed by the store owner and I became really close to him and his family. Meanwhile, I learned driving from them and I became their go-to man. The same continued till she completed her 12.

After that with help of store owner and our savings, I bought a second-hand car and started driving it in my free-time.

I knew one thing. I have to earn money. Money which will help her to study. She has to study whatever she wants. She has to be educated as she wants, as long as she wants.


Engineering was the thing that she wanted to study. She got set in Mumbai and we moved to Mumbai.


To the place which taught us what life actually is.


It has been 15 years, sir. Today I have 4 cars, driving all around Mumbai. She works as a software engineer and earns close to 11 LPA. We have a daughter of 8 years old.


I don’t know how to read or write English but my daughter just won a competition by speaking in English in her school. My parents who kicked me are living with me now. Her dad, who told her that she is doing big mistake by running away with me just had a heart attack and she paid for his entire treatment.


We both want to build a school in our village, so we are saving a little money now sir.
Life will be tough, sir, But with right people, it will be a fun ride.


Love is more powerful than anything in the world, sir. We both knew that we have to prove it to the world, to all those naysayers by creating a life out of nowhere sir.”


Author:  Abhishek 

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