No need to worry…

Most of the people have one common question “how to motivate themselves?”

With the fast moving world people are in tension for their career, job, and business, even towards their exams. No doubt we all have faced bad moments in our life but you can’t decline the fact that you have also enjoyed joyful moments; it may be your first job or your first business deal. So on that bases one thing is true that nothing is permanent. So don’t stress too much about it, no matter what’s the situation is, it will change and you will change it, not by worry but by your winning attitude.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles: It takes away t

Remember the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

Let write about a conversation which remind me don’t waste your time on worrying.

Conversation between me and my friend:


I: So how was your result?

He: Backlogs in two.

I: Ohk !!

He:  What? I am not feeling good. This is worst day of my life.

 I:  Does these backlogs matter for you after 5 years?

He: No

I: Does it matter for you after 2 years?fcbec8f1cf4dea382f265cb936ceeee6.jpg

He: No

I: Does it matter after 1 year?

He: No

I: Does it matter for you after 2 months or 1 month?

He: No

I: Does it matter for you after 1 day?

He: No

I: So why you are wasting your whole day for this. These sheets of paper will never decide your future and what will decide is your attitude, so don’t give up.


When you travel on road then you face speed breakers but you never stop, then you face turns but you never stop,then you face traffic jam but you never give p on it. You always finish your journey at your destination. Same is with life when you try to achieve your dreams then you face obstacles and challenges. This is the point where your attitude matter. Don’t give up and defeat your challenges.

Nothing stays; People, friends and circumstances. Thy all change. Keep smiling, don’t worry and enjoy life


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