How travelling lesson helps me to stay positive?

I remember the days of my childhood and specially the summer vacations time. These were most amazing and enjoying days for me and my sister, I think for most of the children. These were the days when we were busy in traveling to our relative cities, from one city to other then to another.

And here I learn the most important lesson of my life. While my mother was busy in bag packing and I was busy in conversation with my grandfather. He is not just a grandfather for me but he is playing the role of Godfather in my life. His teachings about business, family, love and friends are marvelous.

On the same day he told me his experience about traveling. Here I summaries his words “Amol if you want to learn more and more then travel as much as you can and the one thing you should avoid while traveling is unnecessary stuff. If you really want to enjoy your journey then take limited luggage. More luggage more tension.”

His words regarding travelling move my focus towards life. We all know that life is a journey. And here we also have luggage with us. We have many good things or necessary luggage like inspiring people around us, good moments of our life, great relatives and supporting friends but we also have some bad moments, we also encounter with few untrustworthy people, unnecessary talks, sorrow, failure and these all are the unnecessary stuff.

To enjoy the journey of life one should neglect or leave the unnecessary luggage. Once you leave this useless luggage you will free, more confident and happy.

As Joel Osteen  write “You can’t hang out with negative people and expect positive life.” 

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