Game of Story Telling || This is how I realize that life is easy

Game of Story Telling || This is how I realize that life is easy


A few days ago I was playing the game of Story Telling over chat with my close friend who lives in Bangalore.


Rules of the game were simple:


  • You have to give one line at a time.
  • Another player will also give their line, which will then help in taking the story forward.
  • One who fails to add any logical scene to the story and take it ahead will lose.


After finalizing the rules, we dive into the game. I asked for a 10 min time to prepare myself for the game.


 I am among those who really hate to lose no matter whatever the game be.


I made a simple plan, I made a story in my mind. My plan was to bring my opponent to a point in my story where she won’t be able to take the story forward without knowing exactly what I was thinking. I thought it was quite impossible for anyone to think on similar lines. EXACT Similar lines!!


I lost the game. This much planning for a simple yet funny game resulted in me losing it.


The big question that lies in front is- WHY??


She in spite of playing cool and working as per the given condition won against a player who has made the whole story in his mind. A player who has all his moves pre-defined.


Reason- She was acting according to the situation. I was making up my situation and then trying to mould things into it.


The same goes with LIFE! We plan everything about our life in advance.

I will get that JOB if I go to that college.

I will raise funds if someone executes my startup idea.

I will go to my dream holiday if I am promoted in my JOB.

I will tell her I love you if things go well.

If If If If If If….. and the Ifs goes on.


In the journey towards our last day, we forget that life has its own story. It will change the story we have in our mind. The only way to grow and go ahead is to make sure you ACT! Act according to the situation.


Now the answer- Yes!! Life is easy. If you write your story as per the situation not as the way you like it.


I lost a small game trying to act smart. I will get another chance.

In the game of life, you or I won’t.


Stop chasing the mirage, Life will be easier.




Author: Amol Roy

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