Does independence is just an illusion?

Happy Independence Day India. 70 years ago we got freedom from slavery. People sacrificed their life for the freedom of their country.

Diverse Hands Holding the Word Independence
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But here I want to correct my words. We didn’t get freedom from slavery but from Britishers. People are still living in slavery. They are working hard for someone else. Now the ruler is not some type of physical force but it is more than that.

Here are three things which are ruling today:

#1. Money: There is a famous quote in economics “Never work for money, make your money work for you.” But right now people are working hard for money, they are struggling for money. They are not working for their own purpose; they are working for monetary benefits. People still believe they need to work hard for making good money. In this race they forget their birthday, they don’t have enough time to celebrate their anniversaries. The solution of this is financial education, you should learn the difference between assets and liabilities. Without going in deep; I would like to suggest you a book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

#2. Ego: The main difference between attitude and ego is this; attitude makes you different from others while ego makes you alone from others. Ego is much smaller and easier to pronounce although it is a lethal weapon for socialism. Attitude says “I can” while ego says “only I can.” It takes you far from your people. When a person is slave of his ego then he is not able to see any relationship, any friendship and he only think about himself.

#3. Technology: Do you think technology is taking you nearer to your loved one? There is no doubt, it is. But it is also taking you far from your near once. It is always a matter of debate in my home with my sister. I always try to reveal the truth in front of that technology is a good servant but bad master, don’t be slave of it.

While concluding this article I am just adding few things:

Rather than working 24*7 for money learn how money will work for you.

I placed ego in the list of top most crime.

Don’t turn your habit into addiction, especially with technology.


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