Cristiano Ronaldo Homeless || Biggest lesson for me.

Cristiano Ronaldo Homeless || Biggest lesson for me.

You must know this guy, right?


For those who don’t know, this gentleman is Cristiano Ronaldo, born in Portugal, is one of the most popular and talented players in Football history.

One fine day, Cristiano Ronaldo dressed up as a homeless man, with mustache and beard – went out in Madrid City to show some Football skills anonymously.

His appearance? This is how he was looking in that make-up.


No one could’ve imagined Cristiano Ronaldo behind that makeup. He picked up his football, ties his (borrowed) dog to a chair and starts doing kick-ups.

No-one gives him a second glance. To everyone else in the Plaza, he just looks like a homeless guy trying to earn a few euros from the locals.

Occasionally, passers-by will stop to watch the homeless man’s impressive football skills, especially when he decides to replicate Ronaldo’s trademark step-overs.



Several hours pass before the heart-warming pay-off finally happens. A kid decides to play with him and the two take part in a bit of one-on-one.


After few moments, Ronaldo gives him a hug (still dressed as a tramp), picks up the ball and signs it.


The little boy looks confused, wondering why this man has signed the football – that is until Ronaldo begins to peel off the disguise, leaving his new best friend in open-mouthed wonder and on the verge of (happy) tears.


And, no doubt, everyone else was shocked.


There’s a lesson:

No one gives a fuck to your football skills unless you’re Ronaldo.

What should you learn from this?


No one in this world, cares, who you are, what you are doing, and what you’re going to do unless you’re someone very famous.


If you have an aim in life, don’t be worried about – what will he/she think about it? If you have a doubt, raise your hand and ask your professor/teacher about it, because at the end, no one cares if you ask or you choose to remain silent. If you’re thinking about a startup, consider making it a reality without a thought of – what will he/she think if it fails.


There are 7.8 billion people in this world, you can’t expect everyone to appreciate what you’re doing. Instead, you need to appreciate what you’re doing and continue doing it.

I’ve started applying this formula in my life, and I’ve become a very strong person, then I was a year ago.

This might be the secret mantra of success.


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