5 useful parenting tips

The world is moving at rapid speed. And many people complain that how bad it is. They blame people and society and unable to understand that they have future of this world in their hand.
What you are teaching to your kids make tomorrow of a city, country or this world.
So here are the useful parenting tips.

1. Never criticise your kid:

I have seen parents criticise their kids and worst is when they do so in front of people especially relatives. Even they use terms “kisi kam ka nahi h” or he is useless for their kids. Doing this can decrease the motivation of a kid, or chances are he can also accept that he can’t do things in right way.

If a child faces this kind of criticism from his or her parents, then chances of ignoring parents during their old age are increases.

2. Never compare your kid:

Parents make a mistake of comparing their kids to someone else. This is due to increase in their expectation. We are living in a connected world where information or stories of people are just one click away, but you can’t expect the same career story from your kid that you saw last night on social media.
On this, I loved what Sachin Tendulkar said at the time of his retirement

As a father, I will say leave Arjun Tendulkar alone,” let him enjoy the cricket, don’t burden him with expectations. If I had such pressure on me, I would have ended up with a pen in my hands because my father was a literature professor.




3. Make strong bonds in sibling:

Like people say companies have their politics in offices. Back bitching is what destroys workplace culture and now think if company CEO does it. The role of parents is not less than a leader of a company. They are responsible for healthy relation and bonding between siblings. My mom used to lie to build the strong bond between my sister and me. Teach them how they will become strong when they stand together. Like CEO or HR team is responsible for the company.



4. Parents attitude:

Do you use wrong words for your parents? Then be ready for your kid side. Remember karma. Do you complain about life? Then be ready for your kids complain and excuses about life. And strongly think that kids are losing because their parents accept that they are also a loser.
People catch negative words and things easily than positive so your kids. They will learn what you do in front of their eyes not what you preach or teach.



5. Teach yourself:

A new teacher came to our class and a student from the back asks him a question, but the teacher was not able to answer him. He lost his image in front of that student. Now think about this “your kid asked you a question about life like how to talk with people but you are unable to answer it.” Then maybe he will never ask you again. Be role model for your kid. Read books and watch self-development videos. Many parents run away from technology. However, it’s the time when you involve yourself in technology.