5 steps to tackle frustration

5 steps to tackle frustration


The project deadline has come but it is still not completed. I am feeling frustrated
A teacher gave me assignment but I was not able to complete it. I am feeling frustrated
My son is not speaking well with me. I am totally upset.
My employees are not giving me good results. I am feeling frustrated.
She talked with me in a very rudely tone. I am feeling frustrated.
I am not getting any investor for my startup. I am feeling frustrated.
There is n number of reason because of which people feel frustrated.


Effect of frustration:

  • People feel irritated and disturb others.
  • People break things like mobile.
  • Started avoiding social life.
  • Misunderstandings.
  • Useless arguments with others.
  • Use abusing words.
  • Try to commit suicide.
  • Performance goes down.
  • Effect relationships.


How to tackle frustration?


1. Don’t yell:

The day was not good at school. A teacher shouted at me. It was the first period of the school. With full of frustration, I reached back to home. Now it was the time to watch tv. But see who has the remote in her hand “my sister”
She was not ready to hand over the remote so I started yelling at her.
This is what most of the people do.
When they feel frustrated then they started yelling at their spouse or brother or sister or parents.


2. Relax:

After half an hour my mom told me to relax. When I wake up I felt relaxed and frustration free. Sometimes the cause behind frustration is the continues work pressure. Whenever you feel hectic then go and take a nap of at least half an hour. When I asked this question to my friends on Facebook then they come up with many things which are helpful for them and they feel relaxed like
Watching movies.
Calling dear one.
Traveling or hangout
Listening songs
Chocolates. Yeah sounds cool eating chocolates can help you.


3. Search for best outcomes:

“Frustrations happen when there are many unanswered questions in mind that give uncertainty. I sit and write down all questions and write their answers and clean up mind” says Sam Rahman

When you write something then it puts more clarity on the incident and makes you clear about the thing that causes frustration.
When you tell your situations to people they react. But when you write your situations you feel calm and free.
Writing your problems helps you in coming up with a solution.


4. Count your positive part:

“When I realize that I am feeling low. I close my eyes and count my blessings” says Himanshu Rai

People those who repeat that I don’t have this or that always feel frustrated and insecure.

Have a look towards one of the best lyrics “count your blessings”

Count your blessings;
Name them one by one.
Count your blessings;
See what God has done.
Count your blessings;
Name them one by one.
Count your many blessings;
See what God has done

When you count your blessings then you ultimately make a positive environment around you.


5. Dream/Goals:

After these 4 steps, you will feel calm. Now the question is how to gain productivity.
Frustration not only sucks energy but also moves you from your primary goals. Writing your goals can help you to understand the strategy required to reach your goal.
When a person feels frustrated then he thinks to quit or he doesn’t want to work with the same organization. Dream or goal is the only thing which keeps you active in the field.


Pic credit: fluentin3months.com