5 points on how to identify a leader

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You can’t do great under the leadership of a follower.

Time is changing. Companies are looking for leaders. From the job of a CEO to the job of assistant, companies are hiring leaders.

Do you know hiring a follower for the job of a leader costs much to a company? I have worked with many organizations from my college life to till today. Most of the difficult cases are one where leadership goes in wrong hand.

I have written 5 points on how to identify that your team leader is actually a leader or not.


1. Does he (your team leader) talk about vision?

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple are the best companies in this world. They are not best because they have a great product but they are best because of their leadership. Facebook has the leadership of Zuckerberg who is working on his vision of connecting the world. Vision one of the most important traits of a leader.


2. Does he take decisions?  

If a leader is busy in thinking what others are doing then how he can do something new. No one can learn more by just following. We all need to do things alone. It gives us confidence. Leaders who have confidence never ask what others are doing. They believe in themselves.


3. Does he motivate you to take action?

I have seen many teams having great potential to touch the sky but all washed away due to wrong leadership. Having good weapons doesn’t give the surety of win. A leader should know how to get work done by his teams. MS Dhoni (Ex Indian cricket team captain) always motivates his team mate. He gave freedom of taking decisions to his teammates. If he is asking his follower to do work and himself enjoying the party then he is not a leader. Don’t confuse yourself he is just like other bosses.


4. Does your team leader speak or communicate?

I have worked under two team leaders and they were totally different. One of them always had a solution without discussing with the team. While my favorite one always asked us for a solution. He also had his point of view. But he gave us the chance to become a problem solver.  He didn’t speak with us he communicates with us.


5. Beware of self-claimed one.

Ok, while writing this article I have checked out Facebook and understand one of the most important things. A communication was going on a Facebook group. And suddenly some people start claiming themselves elite. In my whole life, I have never seen a leader who claims “he is great.” Again comes to MS DHONI, after winning a game he always gave chance to his teammate to face media while after losing a game he faced media himself and takes responsibility. Such a true leader.


Term and conditions:
Not everyone is perfect.
The MOTTO of the whole article is just to tell you to do one thing “think, don’t just follow.”
I hope you liked it. Leave your comment and share. It appreciates and gives the motivation to write more. 


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