4 Leadership Lesson I learn from my mom.

4 Leadership Lesson I learn from my mom.

Generally women’s are consider as emotional personality. But there are 4 important thing I learn from my mom which can help you in running your business.


1. Appreciation is super power


I still remember whenever I scored well in school examination then she had something in her hand to present me. With excitement, she told to everyone that I scored well in the examination.
After this kind of appreciation, I worked hard for next exams.
Does monthly salary is enough to motivate your employee? I don’t think so.

What they deserve is an appreciation for their work.

Like you mother did for you in your childhood. This can boost their energy. And results will be unimaginable.


2. Clean it I don’t care who did this.


Mom she through the water on the floor.
“No mom, this is his fault” my sister shouted.
But mom don’t care who made this mess.
Mom replied I don’t care who did this, clean it as soon as possible.

Most of the company’s employee and even top level managers are in a trap of blaming.
One critical condition and they start blaming.

Mom never cares who did this. She didn’t believe much in blaming and punishment she believed in cleaning.


3. Have you done with food?


It was hot summer I came back from school and she asked me very softly “have you tasted the food?” Because she cares the most.
If someone is working for my company then it’s my responsibility to take care of him or her. I am not saying that you should ask him for food but at least you should talk with him personally especially when you are running a start-up.


People care about you when they feel you care about them.



4. Eat this or you will not get the ice cream.


I hardly like vegetables. But my mom knows that vegetables are beneficial for my health. So she generally used the trick of ice cream or chocolate or fruits.

You can’t grow until you try new things.

Companies leaders should help in developing risk-free environment. Because it encourages their employees to do innovating things.

Author: Amol Mahendru