Top 5 Traits of leadership

Pic credit: wallpapers.ws

Pic credit: wallpapers.ws

Lead From Front: “Leader is one who knows the way, shows the way” this quote is totally wrong. The most important part of this quote is missing. It is true that leader knows the way but first goes the way then shows the way. Leaders always lead from the front. They are like the engine of a train. They are like army officer who place him in front of enemy, who is ready to face each and every bullet before it touch his troops.


Take initiatives: Everyone have some innovative idea or mind blowing thought but few people take initiative, they take risk because they know without initiatives leaders are simply worker. They convince the team for their initiative and implement it. One of the most important USP of a leader is he never blames other people and takes the responsibility if anything goes wrong. And appreciate team for positive results. First step on the moon was the initiative of Neil Armstrong that categorized his name in the list of leaders.


Discipline: This is the one thing which helps people to do things continuously. And without consistency you can’t achieve anything. Actually discipline is a self control which comes from willpower. Once you maximize your willpower then you will control your habits and once you control your habit you will gain the power of discipline. When the word “discipline” comes then it remind us about ARMY. Do you ever think how a person who was so much naughty in his childhood becomes so much disciplined? Does he eat something different or does he wear something different? I found the answer of this question from my friend, who is serving in INDIAN ARMY. And the answer is discipline is their lifestyle. 


Always Positive: “Leaders train their brain to see the positive things.”  Actually no one can control thoughts. Everyone have positive and negative both type of thinking. But it’s up to you accept either positive one or negative. They always follow the positive thinking. They indulge themselves with positive people. “Think like a proton and stay positive.” 


Learner- Leaders are readers, readers are leaders. They play the role of a teacher as well as student. They learn more and more so they can implement more and teach more. They never hesitate to ask a question. By the help of learning they learn the the ways. They nourish their mind and remove the garbage from their brain. Books are their best friends.


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