13 years of experience but he quit his job || Devang Raja is here to capture the market

13 years of experience but he quit his job || Devang Raja is here to capture the market


There are around 9 lakh private cars and SUV in Mumbai, increase of 50% during the period of last five years. With the increase of running vehicles what lagging behind is car care segment. Car care is one of the biggest unorganized industries in India.


When we talk about the metro city, then who has the time for cleaning car on regular basis? Generally, car owners hire a local servant for cleaning their cars.  These local servants have absolutely no knowledge of car care. The whole sector is unorganized. Many times the local servants take 3 to 4 days leave without any reason.

Here Devang Raja comes up with a solution in form of KAR KLEANERS.


KAR KLEANERS provides daily car cleaning at your doorstep. They are charging on monthly basis for their services. Along with daily car cleaning, they also provide interior deep cleaning and exterior polishing at your doorstep. They also provide AC cleaning and servicing at doorstep.


There is lot more to add to the above list of services. Kar Kleaners also provide drivers on call and cars on rent services in their list which makes the drive easier for you. If you don’t want to drive your car for too long, you can call them on 9820166033 and hire a driver. Similarly, you can demand a car and borrow one if you need to.


If you thought the above list of services is all that this company provides, you are wrong.


To make it easier for you they also provide you with buy and sell car services at door step and RTO related help. If you are planning to buy a car and need a loan, do not worry. The company has tie ups with more than 25 banks and will get you the best EMI options.  Along with car loans they also provide you with pocket-friendly car insurance services.


Devang Raja founder of Kar Kleaners has 13 years of experience in creating and setting up of business including training and development, people management and resource management.


According to him

“The opportunity is fantastic. The work that our team does gives us a sense of achievement every day. We are pioneers when it comes to organizing daily car cleaning and the whole team takes pride in it. “


When I asked him how you lead your team.


He told me, “It is very important that as the captain of the ship, I keep my team motivated every day.

I have myself washed cars and even today get down to washing cars once in awhile.

We are a zero ego company and everybody here has to wash cars.

All employees in our organization are designated as “Car Care Taker including me.


We are a Single Designation Company. Our value system of Zero Ego Company’ and ‘Single Designation Company’ has helped us work better as a team. The roles and responsibilities within the team are clearly defined and each one of us knows what is expected of us.”


While a lot of companies are still discussing and debating the ‘Open Door Policy’ within their organizations, Kar Kleaners have come up with 2 very unique concepts that help them set the right culture throughout the organization.  How many organizations do we know that have just 1 single designation for all employees? This is one such organization where designation does not matter to anybody.


How many of us see our top boss get down and do our work?  Do not be surprised if you see the founder of this company washing cars in your building.  These are the modern world concepts that today’s startups are implementing in their organizations.


Conversation with Devang Raja was fantastic.  He is the person who knows that leaders first goes the way and then shows the way. He definitely has the spark and madness which will help him to conquer the car care market in India.

Author: Amol Mahendru